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Bluewater Spirit is a powerful, yet compact water purifier. It uses Bluewater’s efficient SuperiorOsmosis™ technology to remove contaminants such as microplastics, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals like lead, and pharmaceutical or chemical residues. Safeguard your health and that of your family with water that’s up to 99% free of waterborne impurities.

Purification takes place on demand. Every minute, up to three liters of pure, delicious water flows through the Bluewater Spirit and out of your faucet. No tank is required. Compact yet highly efficient, the Spirit fits neatly under your sink. Trust the Bluewater Spirit to deliver healthier water to your home.

Bluewater Spirit comes in two versions. One with a dedicated purified water faucet with an LED diode that monitors the quality of your drinking water and the other with the ability to connect your kitchen appliances, such as an espresso machine or dishwasher.

Bluewater Spirit

2.495,00 €Preis
  • 1. SPIRIT Universal

    Anwendung: Trinkwasser und andere Geräte (Spülmaschine, Kaffeemaschine, Eiswürfelmaschine, etc.)

    ca. 2521 Liter Reinwasser pro Tag Recovery‐Wert (Wasserausbeute) : ca. 55 ‐ 60% Filtrierungsquote (Rejection Rate): 99% Prefilter:

    Auf Anfrage: Postfilter: PH‐Neutralisierung + Mineralisation

    Aktivkohlefilter (Filterwechsel nach ca. 4‐6 Monaten)

    Umkehrosmosemembran: Superior Umkehrosmosemembran, (Wechsel nach 4‐6 Jahren)

    Inkl. Armatur mit LED Wasserqualitätsanzeige


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